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  • Mystic Reborn - Signed Paperback
SKU: 135795462585

Mystic Reborn - Signed Paperback

Release Date - 4/1/23

Some paths are meant to be walked alone.


Mystic Reborn is the continuation of Paladin Unbound, the award-winning start
of the Archives of Evelium.


The gods have more in mind for Umhra the Peacebreaker. In embracing his destiny as the last of the Paladins, they bestowed upon him ancient powers of which little is known. When he returns to the ruins of Antiikin to keep a promise, he begins a journey that will test the limits of his newfound power.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the Grey Queen marks the advent of an age-old prophecy that, if fulfilled, threatens the very survival of mankind. As annihilation looms, Evelium needs a hero more than ever.

  • This is the paperback edition of Mystic Reborn, signed by the author. Each book comes with a comlimentary Mystic Reborn bookmark. 

  • This product ships USPS.

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