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It's hard to believe that in less than a week, Paladin Unbound will finally be out in the world. I can' t help but reflect back on the path that got me to this point. Starting off as a setting for a D&D campaign I created to teach my sons a game I've loved since I was their age, Evelium has grown into a fully-realized setting by which to tell the story of an unassuming half-Orc named Umhra who was much more than he was able to let on.

Taking the leap of turning Umhra's story into a fantasy series arose from my need for distraction during a particularly challenging time in my life. I had no aspirations of publishing a book when I got started. I was simply enjoying my time in Evelium whenever I got the chance.

It wasn't until I finished what became Paladin Unbound and shared it with a writer friend who encouraged me to try to publish it, that I even thought it was a possibility. With that nudge, I set off to learn about the world of publishing and my story found its way to Literary Wanderlust, who took a chance on an unknown author in a genre that was new to them.

Fast forward through an editor change, a global pandemic, and cover art issues and we've put together a book that both looks beautiful and tells a good tale. The next week is going to be exciting, with a blog tour hosted by Storytellers on Tour starting on June 27th and running through July 3rd. There will be interviews, book reviews, and a giveaway as part of the tour. For more information, check here: Book Tour: Paladin Unbound by Jeffrey Speight | Storytellers On Tour

Other than that, I'll likely be doing a giveaway or two of my own, and will do an AMA over on Twitter on July 1st to answer any questions people have about Paladin Unbound, or anything else they are interested in asking me.

Thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered Paladin Unbound. I hope you enjoy your time in Evelium as much as I have.

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